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The double-breasted suit has been featured heavily on the international runaway and won over the hearts of high-flying fashionistas. Like much of menswear, this contentious fashion statement descended from 17th-century military uniforms and frock coats. It has circumscribed its appeal to the runaway, hence it would make a unique statement even if you wear it in a simple classic cut. Connect with our specialized team to embrace this trend at the right time.


RF - Double Breasted Suit - Tailoring

Tailoring is the essential key in vanquishing this transeasonal trend. You can really taper the waist in for an ace suave and sleek look or wear it in a straight classic cut. Each look has its own doyen, it is up to you to know whatever style would make you feel most comfortable.

The Colour

RF - Double Breasted Suit - Colour 2

You can make your double-breasted suit more contemporary with different colours. Conventionally, it is quite a classic look, so it will be eye-catching for you to bring in diverse colours. Just remember to refer to the colour wheel basics of dressing – you want colours that compliment each other not contrast.


RF - Double Breasted Suit - Neo Style

 The double-breasted suits have often been allied to classic dressing. In 2016, as we try to move away from customary ideas about this statement, it no longer needs to be the case. It looks modishly chic when donned in lighter shades too. No suit makes a man look debonair, no matter what his size, than a double-breasted one.

Are you ready to tailor the ultimate toff suit? There is nothing more kingly than the double-breasted suit. Connect with us to organise an obligation-free consultation for your next suit.

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