By: Team RajaFashions, Hong Kong Bureau | Fashion

In the corporate arena, every woman needs seasonless suits to show that she is a strong, capable and switched-on maven. You always need to dress exquisitely well, because whether you are the CEO or just the new Manager, the right attire always open all doors. When you want the most quality names, look no further than Raja Fashions to build a chic work-appropriate wardrobe.

Herein are the top three transeasonal women’s suit –


RF - Italian Stretch Wool Classic Jacket

If you wear suits to office everyday, it is certainly refreshing to sport the single–breasted classic jacket. You can tailor this jacket in Italian wool with a touch of stretch. It’s lucid, abbreviated design gives a contemporary feel, making it a true-and-true favourite of most corporate women.


Women Suits - The Blazer

The jacket is always a high fashion business attire for women at workplace. This blazer exults structured seams, higher set buttons, and a shrunken, fitted silhouette inspired by the traditional uniform blazer.


RF - Women - Lanai Jacket

 This jacket is apt for women’s work wear, timelessly adored for its collarless tailoring and angled cut front. It is staple for any professional’s work week. The softly padded shoulders gives an ace touch and structure to this jacket making it ideal for wearing as a suit.

Are you ready to tailor your next business suit? For the progressive corporate women, suit is the most expedient outfit to throw on in the morning. Connect with us to organize an obligation-free consultation for your next suit.

Et our website: www.raja-fashions.com

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